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Let the Games Begin

Opening Day—February 2, 2015

“You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many times you go through it. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you are a kid.”

— Joe DiMaggio

“Happy Hunger Games! And May the Odds Be Even in Your Favor.”

— The Hunger Games

The pomp and circumstance at the opening of the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature is about to descend upon us. Beaming with civic pride, family members and friends will furiously snap photos as their newly elected lawmakers swear an oath of office to God, country and state.

Following swearing-in ceremonies, reporters will be poised to pounce on any member naïve enough to offer up a political prognosis for the upcoming session. Attempts to glimpse the future in the clouded crystal ball of politics [especially for this sure-to-be-surprising legislative session] ensure that would-be seers will feast on crushed glass.

Still, pompousness is promised. And predictions will inevitably be made.

And now, a few items in what will be a running Soup to Nuts series called “There is no truth to the rumor…”

There is no truth to the rumor… That Assemblyman Harvey Munford, D-North Las Vegas, and me, Pat Hickey, R-Reno, are going to switch political caucuses. We have, though, discussed forming a new caucus for the 2015 Session. One idea is to call it:  The “No-Buddy Caucus.” It’s thought that by the end of the session, such a new political subgroup may actually attract a majority of Assembly members.

Also, there is no truth to the rumor… That following today’s Assembly swearing-in ceremonies, there will be a fitting for optional bullet-proof vests in Room #3301. Given the number of elected members in the Nevada Legislature applying for Concealed Weapon Permits (CCWs), it is possible a future Assembly Floor Session could turn into The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral—especially if certain righteous patriots in the body feel slighted by Speaker Hambrick.

Finally, there is no truth to the rumor… That Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is going to nominate from the Floor sometime-Republican Chuck Muth as Assembly Speaker. It is true that the deposed wannabe Majority Leader considered such a move. However, she concluded that because Muth already decides virtually all of her votes, it isn’t necessary to elevate the libertarian bloviator to a position of importance he has coveted ever since losing his only legislative race to Dina Titus in 1996.

But seriously, one thing is for certain–this is going to be one hell of an historic [and sometimes hysterical] legislative session. Tomorrow, I will continue in the tradition of the last few sessions by offering up my regular column, “A Week in the Life of a Nevada Legislator.” I plan to post my column here on my blog, so please visit.

I hope my irreverent–and hopefully, at times, relevant–observations will keep you engaged during the next 120 days. It’s believed Mark Twain refined his political sense of humor [and tragedy] while writing about the behavior of Nevada lawmakers for the Territorial Enterprise. I hope you will enjoy my humble attempts at reflecting on the same.

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Assemblyman Pat Hickey