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Dear Nevada Friends,

The facts speak for themselves.

Watch these two new videos showing how important it is for us to Vote NO on Question 2 here in Nevada:

What to expect next Halloween in Nevada if pot edible candy is legalized:

Video –

Car crash and DUI statistics of states that have legalized recreational marijuana:

Video –

Legalizing recreational marijuana is more harmful than most Nevadans realize. Here are facts to share and pass along to family and friends:

  • Washington marijuana-related traffic fatalities have doubled since legalization.
  • Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, there was a 62% increase in fatal crashes where the driver tested positive for pot.
  • Within the first six months of legalization in Oregon, pot DUI arrests increased 163%.
  • Ballot Question 2 will legalize edible pot laced versions of the drug, and it will be legal to market them with child-friendly packaging.
  • Colorado’s current Governor, current Attorney General, previous Governor, and Denver’s former Mayor all agree that recreational marijuana has been bad for their communities and state.

We have to warn our family and friends now because Early Voting begins on Saturday. Please forward this and make sure family and friends know to Vote NO on Question 2.

Grateful to have you standing with me on such an important issue.

Thank you and best…Pat Hickey


P.S.    Don’t forget to forward this along and make sure your family and friends Vote NO on Question 2.