Monthly Archive: October 2016

Top Ten Signs That Nevada Has Gone To Pot


Dear Nevada Friends,

For the past 12 months I’ve been working to oppose the passage of Question 2 (legalizing recreational marijuana). For a day, I need to return to a little of my “Soup to Nuts” sarcasm.

Seriously, I hope you laugh. Seriously–I also hope, you Vote No on Question 2.

Best as always…Pat Hickey


Top Ten Signs that Nevada Has Gone to Pot

  1. When the most studying 18-29 year-old Nevadans do before applying to Tesla–is preparing to pass a urine test.
  1. When visitors to the Vegas Strip no longer pay to see Celine Dion perform at Caesars, but stand mesmerized for days at the Bellagio Fountains for free.
  1. When the Mt. Rose Highway has more billboards advertising “Pot Coupons for Snowboarders” than it does for ski & toboggan rentals.
  1. When Wolfgang Puck changes the name of Spago to Munchies.
  1. When the Strip’s newest property is “Hotel California.”
  1. When Tick Segerblom introduces a bill replacing “Home Means Nevada,” with “Boys Just Want to Have Fun.”
  1. When the Valley of Fire’s rock formations freak-out stoned tourists who report they’ve just seen Jurassic Park-like creatures.
  1. When porn panderers passing out smut cards on the Strip, are replaced by “pot delivery services” guaranteed to be legal–but of course are not.
  1. When “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas,” is something R&R rethinks when everywhere on the Strip smells like “skunk.”

Drum roll…

  1. And the #1 sign that Nevada has gone to pot…When the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign has been changed to a Dr. Reefer billboard.