Monthly Archive: November 2015

The SAGE Commission

“We stand in the shadow of [Thomas] Jefferson

who believed that a society founded upon the rule of law and liberty

was dependent upon public education and the diffusion of knowledge.”

–Gov. Matt Blunt


This past 78th Session, the 2015 Nevada Legislature passed AB 421, creating the Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission.

Governor Sandoval has appointed 12 members to the Commission, in which I am one. Members of the Commission serve without salary or compensation for their travel or per diem expenses.

The Commission is required to make recommendations to the Governor and members of the Legislature identifying:

(1) areas in which public costs of public education may be reduced;

(2) areas in which increased efficiencies in public education may be found; and

(3) any means by which public education [in Nevada] may be improved.

The SAGE Commission shall, on or before February 1, 2017, prepare and submit a final report to the Governor and the Legislature concerning its findings and recommendations.

Now, this is where you come in. I would like to solicit your ideas to be considered by the SAGE Commission.

Email me back your suggested recommendations. Please be specific [and practical] as you can. I will do my best to assemble the various recommendations and present the ones I find most applicable for saving taxpayer dollars and finding greater efficiencies in order to improve public K-12 education in the Silver State.

SAGE Commission meetings will be publicly noticed, and you are welcome to attend.

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

As always, best and Happy Holidays…Assemblyman Pat Hickey