Monthly Archive: May 2015

“Both Sides Must Part From Some of Their Demands”

“When a broad table is to be made, and the edges of the plank do not fit,

the artist takes a little from both, and makes a good joint. In like manner, here,

both sides must part from some of their demands,

in order that they may join in some accommodating proposition.”

Benjamin Franklin, Constitutional Convention, 1787

No one could say it any better than Founder Franklin did when he argued for colonial unity some 227 years ago.

The hard part for lawmakers, then and now, is to “part from some of their demands” in order to do what is necessary for the greater good. With a mere six days left in the 78th Session, it’s time for Nevada legislators to piece together a final budget and reform plan from our various political planks.

In order to accomplish this tall order all sides, as Old Ben submitted, will have to shave off a few of their demands in order to make a “joint” that fits the state’s present day needs.

Great nations, including ours, have been made from such “accommodating propositions.” So, too, can and should this Legislature bend and build the course of a state’s trajectory toward a better future. The challenge is akin, in some ways, to the “broad table” Franklin and the Founders had to cobble together in Philadelphia.

We who have a seat at this table in Nevada history must build a finished product worthy of our 120 days’ worth of efforts — and worthy of the 150 years that shaped and deposited us here.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Tonight is Third House in Carson City.

Founded by Mark Twain and his drinking buddies at the very beginning of the Nevada Legislature, the satiric media tradition consist of poking fun and pranking the follies of Nevada lawmakers (and the Governor). If past events are any indication, it is an occasion not to be missed.

There is, however, no truth to the rumor… that Soup to Nuts has been written every day this legislative session for the express purpose of serving as a prelude and a script for all that will be on display on the Floor of the Assembly tonight.

Assembly members have provided more than enough raw materials for the media to parody tonight. All our “friends” from the press may really have to do is play various video clips from the session. In many ways, fact has been funnier than any fiction.

Regardless of how irreverent Third House becomes (and it will), a good time is usually had by most all in attendance. Laughter is always in abundance, although some of it is of the nervous variety—especially by those members who take themselves oh-so-seriously.

One thing, though, is for sure: “Roasted” Nuts are certain to be served up tonight in greater abundance than the orange and yellow packs we relish on our Southwest flights to and from Vegas.

I hope to see you all in the gallery of the Assembly chambers, where you are invited to sit, look, and laugh at 7 p.m. tonight. (If you should have to miss it, there will be DVDs available in the gift shop later this week.)